by Dsompa & Zzbing



This collaboration track I did with Zzbing came out in December 2016.
I hope you can enjoy that track as much as us. :D

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Gino about the compilation:

It took a longer time to get it complete and I've been selecting tunes for the whole summer 2016 to reach the result i was looking for: “blasting psytrance" expressing the real power of nature, as well as the power of a Vulcan, so conceptually close to the power of Shiva God, cyclically destructing and recreating life.

Vesuvius is the name of the Vulcan in Napoli, my native land. It is the first thing I look at every morning out of my window when I wake up and it became the source of my inspiration for collecting the music I currently like and play in my djset around the world.

As all people living here at the bottom of Vesuvius, who developed special chromosomes to face difficulties of everyday life, aware that everything may instantly disappear in case of eruption, in the same way I felt a very deep connection with our local nature for having been able to overcome all the challenges of my professional growth, in a country where nothing is easy and where human and cultural values are often used as marketing tools rather than being spread and shared as real living practices.

Enjoy Vesuvius!
100% pure blasting psytrance.
released December 19, 2016

I strongly thank all artists involved in this project who confirmed once again the trust on my attitudes and appreciating my musical vision as Dj and more as psychedelic music chronic maniac.

All the physical copies are out with a biodegradable digi-sleeve according to Sonica Festival’ sustainable activities in order to reduce the production and the consume of the plastic.


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Dsompa Hamburg, Germany

Dsompa is the Tibetan meaning for “flowing together”, and is the project of Philipp, a passionate Dj and producer.

He discovered electronic music in the late 90′s, and was bewitched with the culture, art and the sound of the psychedelic subculture.

Around 2007 he started working on his own music and played for various festivals on an international level.
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